Jean-Guy Turcotte

Red Deer Mortgage Broker (Agent)

Dominion Lending Centres is a national mortgage brokerage and leasing company with more than 2,000 members offering free expert advice across Canada - taking the hassles out of the mortgage process and simplifying your life.

For most people, there are only two ways to get a mortgage in Red Deer: From a bank (any bank, it does not have to be theirs) or from a licensed Red Deer mortgage broker.

Usually banks only offer a selection of products from their own list of approved options.  However, licensed Red Deer Mortgage Brokers work differently.  They send millions of dollars in mortgage business every year not just to Canada's largest banks, but also to trust companies,  credit unions, and other financial institutions.  This allows trusted Red Deer mortgage brokers the ability to offer their clients more options, which gives them access to dozens and dozens of mortgage products! Thus, clients benefit from the security, & confidence in the knowledge that they are getting the best Mortgages in Red Deer for their needs.

Whether you're acquiring a home for the first time, pulling out equity from your household for investment purposes, or perhaps you want to plan a vacation, or your existing mortgage is simply up for renewal, it is imperative that you are making an informed buying decision with expert and unbiased advice.  Contact Red Deer Mortgage Broker Jean-Guy Turcotte today to find out what your best option is for Mortgages in Red Deer.

Remember, only a Red Deer mortgage broker like Jean-Guy has your best interests at heart.  He works for you, not the banks.  He will find you the best rate in Red Deer. Mortgage options are everywhere.  You don't need to stay with your bank for your mortgage.  In fact, sometimes the best mortgages in Red Deer don't come from your own bank but other institutions.

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